Train Heist Coming Soon From Cryptozoic

Cryptozoic has announced that they are releasing their new cooperative train robbing game: Train Heist.

Cryptozoic Train Heist

In Train Heist 2-4 players must form a posse to save the earnings of the folks of Notting County. The evil Sheriff of Notting…hey wait a minute! Yep, this is an old western take on Robin Hood. You’ll be boarding the train and robbing the rich passengers to redistribute some wealth back to the town.

The game is played on what Cryptozoic calls a “Free-range”board. Instead of set areas that players can place their meeples, you can move anywhere on the board. You’ll be using a special three-suit Poker Deck to loot the train and cross Crackpot Canyon to deliver goods to earn reputation with the town. If you manage to grab the goal amount of loot before the event deck runs out, you win!

The game was successfully kickstarted in 2015 by designer Sean McDonald and seeing Train Heist’s success, Cryptozoic has agreed to publish it.

“I’m incredibly excited to be working with Cryptozoic on the wide release of Train Heist,” said Sean McDonald, founder of Tower Guard Games. “I am looking forward to seeing it on store shelves and in many board game collections!”

Train Heist will be available at retailers nationwide on July 26 for $45. You can learn more about the game and see our opinion on it in our review here:

Train Heist Review


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