Mysterium Goes Ghost in the Machine This December!

Asmodee Digital, Libellud, and Playsoft are working together to bring Mysterium to iOS, Android and PC! Mysterium is an award winning co-operative deduction game for 2-7 players.

In the digital version you once again take on the roles of the forgetful ghost and the psychic investigators as they try to figure out who is a killer at Warwick Mansion. The ghost player reveals what little they can remember of their killer through strange visions using cards similar to something you might see in Dixit.


The cards give clues to the killer’s identity, weapon, and the location of the murder. The rest of the players work as a team for the clairvoyant Mr. MacDowell who is hosting a séance. Each player will interpret the visions the ghost sends them in an effort to discover the details of the murder. Unfortunately, since the ghost has amnesia about its death, it will send differing visions to each player.


The interesting thing with the app is there is a solo story mode! Playing alone you get several hours of playtime as you investigate the ghost’s death. You’ll get the story behind the first original psychic and in future free updates 5 other psychics will be released.mediums-progress-in-their-investigation

There will also be an expansion called Hidden Signs. This xpac will offer new mysteries and elements and will be available as an in-app purchase alongside the games release in December.


jessasm chatJess: This looks like it is going to be a pretty faithful port to digital. If you like deduction games like Dixit or Codenames then I think you’ll really like this one. It is beautiful and can be pretty challenging. I can’t wait to see what the solo mode is like! Mysterium will be available in early December on iOS and Android for $6.99 and on Steam for $9.99.

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